Live Online Training

Start from the basics & master the advance skills. Get professionally trained on Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Content Writing, SEO, SMM, Website designing etc. We provide hands-on live online training.

What are the Live Online Courses?

Check out the live online training courses for digital marketing. You can learn and acquire any of these skills having me as a trainer. Get me as a personal trainer.


Learn how to make a Blog Website/Business Website/Static Website/E-Commerce Website by WordPress


Learn Search Engine Optimization in live online training and get your website on the first page of Google. SEO is a demanding in digital marketing skill

Lead Generation

Acquire the maximum leads by learning lead gen methods and preparing great funnel for your business

Google Ads

Google Ads in digital marketing can grow your business in no time. But before you invest you got to know how to do it

Bing Ads

Are you targeting Bing Search for your business goals? Then Bing ads are the right way to capture the market

Content Marketing

Content is the King! If you can market your content rightly then it rules the market. Learn here how

Content Writing

Content is the king and it’s important everywhere. Learn Content Writing in digital marketing from scratch and become a content writer

Email Marketing

Reach your audience with a personal touch! Email Marketing is a futuristic skill to acquire


Create your own blog and start earning money online. Learn blogging on your desired niche with live online training

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the best method if you want to grow your online business

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads are the right way to invest money when it comes to investing for your marketing


Convert negative and bad reviews to good comments and help your clients to manage their Online Reputation and get paid


Build your e-commerce website, SEO, Logo & Content. Learn how to create your online e-commerce business

Web Dev.

Learn how to code a website. Optimize great with navigation and UX, also learn how to make it compatible with Mobile

App Development

Create your own app by coding and help your clients with app creation. Learn both android and iOS app development

Digital Marketing Analytics

Learn Google Analytics, Adove and Hubs Web Analytics. Learn how to do web/app analytics implementation and study customer behavior. 

Power BI & Tableau

Learn Data Visualization, DAX Functions, Developing Dashboards and create impressive reports with data analysis.

Ad. Excel and SQL

Advanced Excel and SQL is the core of data / business analytics. Learn how to drive excel formulas, manage spreadsheets, and do SQL functions. 


Learn freelancing from scratch. Become a freelancer, grab any niche and start earning money online. Learn valuable sources of bagging high ticket clients/startups/SMEs.

LinkedIn Freelancer

Master LinkedIn as a freelancer. Learn how to get leads from LinkedIn with Inbound/Outbound methods through digital marketing.

Optimized Job Profile

Optimize your Job Portals like Naukri/LinkedIn/Indeed etc. and get shortlisted quicker and appear in most of the recruiter searches.  

Web-master Tools

Understand Webmaster Tools and rank your website at the 1st page of Google quicker

App Store Optimization

Do you wanna build an app? Then learn App Store Optimization and rank your app at the top of Google Play Store

Affiliate Marketing

Earn money by promoting other’s products. With blogging/Vlogging you can become an affiliate and earn

Live Online training
What you get to Experience with Live Online Training?

Online classes are evidently less stressful, saves more money and time. Also, it allows you to support your family and work. Online Live Training experiences are rewarding and fruitful.

Practical training drives more knowledge & insights. Technically you learn & implement faster with live online training.

Live Online Instructor led classes are on spot and you get to interact with the expert in live online training.

Training materials are prepared by experts where you get genuine insights on subjects. And deliver you in live online training.

Amazing Stats

Industry expert trainers
1 %

Including myself, all my team trainers are best in industry pros.

Satisfied Trainees released
1 %

Most of the trainees I trained are happy with their skill-set and successful.

Support to Subscribed Trainees
1 %

Complete support with QnA sessions and recorded study materials are given to students.


Here is what my clients think about my service. I am thankful that I could solve their problems the  right way.

Santhej Kallada Founder

I am really happy with the work you are doing. I have found you hard working and dedicated and always willing to make the changes to suit the managements interests.

Saketh vadapally Manager

Soumendra is a dependable person who does 100% justification for his Profile. Highly active and always cooperative. Soumen has a Great personality and humble behavior.

Vignesh P Selvam Digital Marketer

An Experienced Full-stack digital marketer, smart team player. He is very dedicated to his work and would even learn new things to help upskill himself. I would rate him 5 out 5.

Chaitra S Paramesh Founder

It was great to be trained by him as he's a thorough Professional. Soumendra is one Person whom I look up to for discussions pertaining to Digital Marketing, Technology topics.

Priyanka Colleague

Soumendra has been my mentor in digital marketing throughout. A person who is open to learning & shares all the information he treasures to everyone around. Best trainer and a best mentor.

Nikhil G Jain Web Developer

Soumendra is the best trainer and my foundation in the digital marketing was laid by him. Always ready to help and a go-to person. He delivers Job-ready training & teaches you the trade tricks.

Priyanko Sur Musician

Soumendra is a very knowledgeable, interactive, professional and full of ideas. He has great risk taking ability to try and implement new strategies which prove to be very effective.

May I Book a Demo Class?​

Yes. You can book a demo class for Live Online Training.

May I Book Topics Based Consulting Sessions?

Yes. Depending on the topic you want to discuss in Digital Marketing, you can book likewise.

How do You Conduct Live Sessions?

Zoom is the dedicated tool on which dedicated training and consulting sessions are conducted.

May I Book a Consulting Appointment?

Yes. Let's book it through WhatsApp now.

What are the Charges for Each Session?

Depending on the intensity of the topic, it goes somewhere between 999/- to 5,000/- p/hour.

Do You Offer Long Term Consulting & Training?

Yes. Subject to availability. Let's have a quick call. Kindly connect through WhatsApp.

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